Tuesday, April 13, 2010

White Piano Romance

Incase you didn't know, besides I'm a big fan of pink, I love white too. White is extremely romantic and elegant. That is why Japaneses have White Valentine Day and also the reason why we always see bride wears white. One word to describe....lvable!

So it just the same goes to piano.
White piano is romantic and elegant. Like what we've always watched in the korean drama that the handsome leading man is playing piano for his beloved lover. Do you notice that the piano is always white in color?!
Yes! Because only white can show romantic to the max!

Stairway to Heaven Korean Drama

Spring Waltz Korean Drama

More awesome pictures.

After seeing loads of the white piano picture, maybe i should plan something to make my pianos look romantic too.

Note: Will update more about piano soon again

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